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  • New Findings

    New Findings

    Last year I knit a lot. I finished more projects than I have since I started. The reason for this is I spent a chunk of the year not being able to look at a screen for longer than an hour. 2022 was an interesting year of learning. I took two amazing trips to places […]

  • Knitting projects

    Over the last several months I’ve completed several projects. Some are repeats, others the first time I’ve used a technique or made something new. All of these are projects intended for other people. The baby had is one oI have knit in the past. The pattern is Swirl hat. The Puffer hat is my newest […]

  • Faeforge Academy

    If I go back to school, I want it to be here. Sure, I may die from the sudden arrival of a fae-being but the friends who are there are worth dying for and alongside. In this group I am pleased to stand alongside the following: Lonzo, who enjoys a vast anime world similar to […]

  • Holiday Wreaths

    For over 10 years, I have been creating wreaths each December. Enjoy this look back!

  • Beautiful Concrete

    We decided to take on redoing our patio and sidewalks. While the overall project is not finished yet, it is a vast improvement over what we had. Huge thank you to the guys at Catelli’s Excavation Inc. for doing the work!

  • An Afternoon in Sekiu

    An Afternoon in Sekiu

    With good weather and low tides we headed to Sekiu to hunt beach treasures of all kinds. On the drive, we had the full range of weather including sun, wind, snow and rain. The drive from our house to our destination is only about an hour and fifteen minutes.

  • Mission to Mars

    Mission to Mars

    Happy Landing day to the Perseverance Rover! I had a lot of fun with the Mars photo booth and toolkits on NASA’s Mars website. I am really looking forward to watching the landing with the boys todays.

  • A Sourdough Journey

    A Sourdough Journey

    Sourdough happens to be our favorite bread type. When it finally became hard to find my favorite bakery’s fresh loaf, coupled with again seeing a friend’s amazing pictures I couldn’t stand it anymore. On May 9th I decided to finally embark on my own sourdough starter journey. Since the start of Covid-19 lockdown in March, […]

  • Happy Christmas!

    Happy Christmas!

    I hope the holidays have snuck up on you less than me. Edwin has spent the last week quite sick, causing us to miss out on a dinner party, ice skating with Quince(twice) and making it very hard to finish up buying/wrapping gifts. All of that aside, we had a nice Christmas with my siblings. […]

  • Falling into Routine

    Falling into Routine

    We have school, music stuff, PTO stuff, homework, Cub Scouts, dishes to wash, meals to make and course sleep to catch up on.

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